Very old grannies out dogging tonight. Get the locations!

It's true when you get older you need to experiment with new things to keep your sex life interesting and I don't think there's anything more exciting for an Old Tart than dogging! I'm 48 years old and my friend took me dogging for the first time 2 years ago and I'd never felt like such a naughty slut than I did that day, There were several men their who were younger than us and we're so virile and full of spunk, it was like they hadn't had sex in years! They were half our age but were so in to us it made me and my friend feel so sexy. Being outside in just our knickers and stockings was a massive buzz in itself it was the first time I ever just walked around on a public car-park in just my knickers, stockings and heels while men was watching me and wanking over me, I even sat in my car and put on a little show for them, that's how excited the whole experience got me! And then their was the added thrill that I could be caught at anytime literally with my knickers pulled down!

Dogging is perfect for grannies who want to add some excitement in their lives, you can go with your husband and just be watched and if you're lucky maybe your husband will let you have a fondle with a stranger or like me you can go on your own and get involved. I have been to many dogging meets all over England and most of the women that attend are over the age of 40 and are always admired by the gents that turn up.

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